Our Programs

The Word of God

Enrich your spirit with undiluted word of God from our featured ministers, never again will you miss out on what God is doing in our time, these ministers will be in your living room everyday via WORD TV broadcast, tune in everyday at the specific time for that specific word of God.

Good News

Always seeing and hearing bad news? let’s bring you good news happening around you, let’s show you the goos side of all the things happening around the world today. We bring you the News that is filled with Hope, faith and trust. Stay tuned in for these daily News of Hope and inspiration.

Music that inspires

Our music list is filled with inspirations and hope, Love and Goodness, our contents are free from exrated contents and are suitable for family view.

Hope & Love Movies

Our values are evident in the kind of movies we air on our TV station, they are clean, pure and family rated, you would not find exrated contents WORD TV we bring to your home movies that inspires Love, Holiness and purity.